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Solar power as an efficient and affordable option for lighting in the UK would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago - solar power in wet, windy and gloomy UK? - but now thanks to better technology and lower prices (due to increasing consumer awareness of global warming and emissions) it has now become a viable technology to save energy, money and the enviroment.

There are several ways in which solar energy can be used to reduce usage of more conventional forms of energy such as fossil fuels.

  • use the light from the sun to create electricity via photovoltiac cells
  • use the heat from the sun to warm water/spaces
  • about solar energy
  • use the natural light from the sun to provide light indoors wherever possible

Alternative energy is basically any type of useful energy that does not rely on conventional fossil fuels, technically alternative energies do not have to be renewable but "alternative" and "renewable" or "sustainable" in common solar panel installers usage are interchangeable. When it comes to renewable energy, it is important for two reasons. You will find that there is lot that is hurting the environment. You will find that there is a lot of future harm from the greenhouse effect and effects caused by the fossil fuels.

Renewable forms of energy are typically safe for the earth, making them a much cleaner option. Second, renewable energy sources are exactly what their name implies - renewable energy facts. Therefore, these sources of energy will not run out or become scarce and expensive, as fossil fuels will in the near future. Because the renewable energy sources are becoming more and more researched, it is only a matter of time when major energy companies begin their switch from fossil fuels to these alternative energies. /p>

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